What is <br><strong>EPP-AF®?</strong>

What is

The EPP-AF® propolis extract is the result of over 25 years of research carried out by our research and innovation center, in partnership with different Brazilian universities, such as USP, Unesp and Unicamp, among others.

Our team has accepted propolis as a gift from bees and, through innovative technology and excellence standards, developed a raw material obtained by an exclusive formulation and extraction process.

In order to develop the special EPP-AF® formula, Apis Flora researchers developed and validated analytical methods that could detect and quantify the active substances present in propolis and then chemically and biologically mapped a large portion of the propolis obtained throughout Brazil. Moreover, they have also selected these samples by comparing their biological activities, such as their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

And that’s how we brought about the innovative and exclusive EPP-AF® standardized propolis extract! The only chemically and biologically characterized propolis-based product on the market, with proven pre-clinical and clinical efficacy and safety, ensuring excellence in terms of a natural product.


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How important is a <br><strong>Standardized propolis extract?</strong>

How important is a
Standardized propolis extract?

Propolis is produced by bees and its composition may vary according to the type of vegetation, season of the year and existing environmental conditions near the hive. This means that its composition will not always be the same, that is, the amount of bioactives may vary and this may interfere with the product effectiveness.

Thus, having a standardized extract means having the exact same composition, regardless of the batch, thus ensuring that, with the EPP-AF® propolis extract, you will always enjoy all the health benefits provided by propolis.